Good team, good people: Tales from Patriots’ surprise trip to Super Bowl

ATLANTA – In each of the past two years, I shared some personal reflections from the season on the morning of the Super Bowl.

Prior to Super Bowl LI, the focus was on embracing the journey.

Super Bowl LII, it was more about how the Patriots’ sustained success helped mark the passage of time for me in different ways.

This year, there is a behind-the-scenes story to share that reflects part of what makes covering the Patriots an enjoyable experience.

It was Christmas Eve, the day after the Patriots beat the Bills, and our two kids were on school vacation. My wife and I were working that day (there are truly no days off in football season), which meant I had company for a morning trip to Gillette Stadium as the assignment was to film something for work.

The Patriots’ staff is understanding of those family challenges, and as we parked the Honda Odyssey minivan and made our way toward the “security command” entrance, a black Tesla with tinted windows was pulling up towards the player’s parking lot.

As I motioned to the kids to step to the side so we weren’t in the middle of the lane, the car slowed and the window rolled down.

“Hi guys,” Tom Brady said as the car came to a stop. “Are you getting excited for Christmas?”

My kids, 9 and 6, didn’t quite know what to say. I’m not sure if there was shock that Tom Brady was in front of them, or they were blinded by the shiny silver door handle and couldn’t see who was driving, or if they didn’t know how to tell him that they celebrate Hanukkah like Patriots owner Robert Kraft.

No worries, the three-time NFL Most Valuable Player in the driver’s seat patiently led the discussion. The three of them conversed for a few minutes and Brady’s own kids, who are similar ages, were mentioned as they went over activities and sports they enjoy. Soon enough, we went on our way to get to work as I thought to myself about what had just happened, and how Brady easily could have avoided it by simply pulling into the player’s parking lot, unnoticeable behind the tinted windows.

So one of the first questions people ask me about covering the Patriots is often “What is Tom Brady really like?” – and now I have this new story to tell them.

When the best player and most fierce competitor on the team is also one of its kindest – but also understanding when professional criticism might be warranted — it adds a meaningful layer to what is already a dream job.

The Patriots have many players like that, and a case could be made that it is one of the secret ingredients to their success. It’s a high-quality locker room put together by Bill Belichick and that often helps them sustain through the inevitable ups and downs of the NFL season.

That parking-lot visit with Brady was unexpected, and so too is the team’s appearance in Super Bowl LIII against the Los Angeles Rams.

Walking the streets of Atlanta the last few days while talking to various Patriots fans, many said part of the reason they were so excited is that they didn’t see this coming. After back-to-back losses in December that dropped the team to 9-5, many had come to grips that a Super Bowl trip didn’t have the most favorable odds.

But now that the Patriots are here, it has infused the franchise and its fan base with a new energy that is palpable. To draw approximately 35,000 fans to a Super Bowl sendoff rally, how do you explain that?

Meanwhile, the streets of Atlanta were overtaken by people in Patriots gear, and what I noticed is that every generation was accounted for. That link is something I’ve grown to appreciate more and more with sports, thinking back to the days when I was in the tailgate lots with my father and brother, the smiles in the old pictures bringing back memories of how much we enjoyed the togetherness of those Sunday mornings around football.

The kid in the backwards hat could have never dreamed what would soon happen, when it was time to put down the Budwesier and pick up the reporter’s notepad and iPhone: Nine Super Bowl appearances, with the next chapter set to unfold Sunday in Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

Could have never seen that coming.

Which in many ways, led by a rare quarterback and person, is the theme of this Patriots season.


8 thoughts on “Good team, good people: Tales from Patriots’ surprise trip to Super Bowl

  1. Mr. Reiss, great anecdote and wonderful story. I have enjoyed your Pats coverage for years and especially in 2018-19. Thank you for the great work. If today’s game ends badly, I won’t be reading your work for a few months (no offense) so wanted to thank you for your dedication. You’re of the good guys!

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  2. Thanks again for another great season of coverage Mike – your work means so much to overseas Pats fans. I remember years ago in one of your old online chats when I said I found it hard to cope with the tension of all the big games the team played in, you advised me to just try to relax and enjoy the ride. That’s great advice that’s stood the test of time – it’s what we’ll all be doing (again) tonight.

    Good luck today, and all the best to you and your family.

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  3. Mike, the reason TB12 stopped to greet your kids is that you and your family bring that same decency and kindness to the job that he and the Krafts do. Daily you have the opportunity to stir the pot and try to dig up some crud within the Pats circle. But you don’t. It’s always classy with you. And never a free pass either…you don’t shy away from tough topics. Your efforts are recognized and appreciated by them, by us, everyone. You share this experience with us and we’re grateful. It would be easy for you to be pompous and ‘above’ us little people, but instead you include us. Thank you.

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  4. Great anecdote. I went to college with Brady, and he was considered a nice guy back then too. It’s great to see he has kept it up. As a childhood Pats fan, this run with Brady has been especially great.


  5. Mike,

    My son Nick and I met you in November 2014 in Green Bay by the Lombardi statue. I have always enjoyed your columns over the years and appreciate your hard work. Enjoy the game.

    Paul O. from Kenosha


  6. Wonderful, Mike. As the person above mentioned, there is a reason that Tom stopped to engage with you and your kids. Your love of your job, professionalism and kindness reflect what you ascribe to Tom and the players. Well-done as always. 9 Super Bowls. Too crazy for words. All the best.


  7. Thanks for sharing this Mike. After the Super Bowl in Houston two years ago, I had a similar story to tell my friends and family. Except the good guy in the story was Mike Reiss, who I met in the airport on my return flight to Boston. After having read your stuff for so long, it was fun to share with you the amazement at the moment we had just witnessed. Great work again this season!


  8. Hi Mike.
    Thanks for the great work! You’re One the best in the business. I’m glad we’ve come this far. As you always say, it’s about the jouney. But lets hope it ends with fireworks tonight.
    Best regards,
    Antonio from Brasil.


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