Explaining the objective of MikeReiss.net

Thanks for visiting MikeReiss.net, which has a new look from when it was created a few years ago. I hope you like it.

The objective in launching this site was to establish a platform that shares the more personal and behind-the-scenes side of things, while also raising awareness for charitable and community causes that are most meaningful to me.

Furthermore, I’ve found the site to be a great way to connect and interact with those who consume my work. It has been a daily occurrence to have emails delivered through the “contact” tab on the site, and I make it a point to try to answer as many as possible (hopefully all of them). That connection and interactivity is important to me.

The tab you’ve clicked, called “Reiss’ Pieces”, is the blog element of the site that will be updated with new posts. That name brings back great memories because that’s what the Patriots blog on Boston.com was called when I first started working there in 2005.

So let’s see where it leads, as I hope the momentum of the new look of the site (thanks Amanda Santucci!) sparks an exciting beginning that provides a different perspective for those interested in taking a peek behind the “sports journalist” curtain with a more personal touch.


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